Building Supplies

Building Supplies

We offer a wide range of products for your construction projects, from pressure treated lumber, molding, flooring, plumbing, HVAC, electrical metal roofing to specialty products for lake side projects; if you don't see it on the list below, please give us a call

Metal Roofing: Top quality metal roofs in range of colors and styles, manufactured to your length specifications, along with all the trim and hardware necessary to install.

Drainage tiles (Unlined and the DOT Spec Lined) up to 24" in diameter, along with 4" and 6" corrugated pipe.

Brick - There's seemingly an endless variety of colors and textures to choose from. And we have a broad collection of samples to help with the decision-making process. If you need to order brick to match an existing structure, bring us a picture and we'll work with our vendors to identify a match for the brick and mortar. In addition to brick, we can supply you with the necessary concrete, sand, and brick lentils to complete your project.

Molding/trim materials: We stock a large assortment of in raw wood, MDF, and PVC, including the locally popular German Siding Boards

Flooring Materials: Whether you're looking for natural wood, or composite floorings, we have a variety of products to choose from. From traditional natural oak to modern waterproof composite materials.

Piers and Sea Walls

Being close to Lake Waccamaw, allows us to carry materials specifically needed when constructing sea walls and piers/walkways.

We offer Vinyl Sea Wall pilings in a variety of sizes and colors, along with Thru-Flow Deck Boards that allow water to flow through during swells and storms preventing damage to your investment. Stop by to check out the samples available on display

Decking Materials

In addition to our pressure treated lumber, we offer numerous composite decking solutions. Including a no-drip-through deck board! Great for when you want to have a dry space under your deck or platform


No deck is complete without railings. And there's a lot to choose from - we have Vinyl and Aluminum options, and many styles of infills (posts, cables) for you to check out!