Hand Made - Mouth Blown Glassware

Our latest addition is glassware made by artisans in southern Poland. We import these items directly from the manufacturer who is world renowned for the production of high-quality mouth blown hand-made glassware. We have a variety of clear and brightly colored items in stock; from pitchers, serving trays, decorative glasses, vases, to a 4 ft. tall champagne glass!!

Check out this video to see how these pieces are manufactured.

If you like a piece and don't have an opportunity to come by and see it, we'll pack and ship it to you!

Glass Christmas Ornaments

Additionally, we have hand made glass Christmas ornaments. These high quality decorations are made the old fashioned way: the glass is blown by mouth, shaped, and hand decorated! These pieces are beautiful works of art, and are a fantastic addition to your Christmas Tree!